Advice for 1st Time Home Buyers from a Nationally Syndicated Financial Planner

Earlier this year, I came across an article in USA today that was written by financial advisor, Jim Wang who has also had articles appear in Business Week, New York Times, and various other media and radio outlets. I felt this article was a quick read, and a great way for a first time home buyer to prepare themselves to enter the housing market and wanted to share it:


Why Does your Mortgage Payment change every year? Answers Here

One topic of conversation that keeps some of us in touch is regarding the changes to your monthly payment from year-to-year. Since you have financed through me, I know that you have a Low Fixed Rate of Interest. Yet, for many of you, your payment changes every year … So, what gives?


What Would a 15 year Fixed Rate Refinance do for You?

As your loan officer, I know that many of you have 30 year fixed rate mortgages so low, that it probably isn’t worth refinancing – even to a 15 year term. However, depending on the time you bought (or last refinanced), and how much mortgage insurance you might be paying, you could save a significant amount in monthly finance charges by refinancing to a 15 year fixed (not to mention tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan).


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