First Time Home Buyers! Don’t Give Up the Search!

Looking to buy your first home?  Waiting until next spring could be costly.

Dear Friends, if you are currently looking for a home, or know of someone who is, you probably know there isn’t a lot of homes out there in terms of numbers to choose from.  As a Loan Officer with over 30 years of experience, I am well aware of the reluctance to continue looking as the Holidays approach, and into the winter.  It’s just not as fun looking for homes in the dark, and snow and cold.  Consequently, this is the time of year we hear of many buyers putting the brakes on their house hunting until next spring.  My advice is to keep at least one foot in the market, and an eye out for the right home that just might become available.  Just as there are fewer Sellers in the market right now, there are fewer Buyers as well.  For those qualified Buyers who may be able to find that home that meets their requirements, and that falls within their price range,now would be the time to act.  Based on many years of experience, we know that waiting until next spring can result in paying more for the same house than it might have just 5-6 months earlier.  Stay positive, and stay in contact with your Realtor.  YOUR home will eventually be out there waiting to be bought, and you want to be prepared when it does.

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