A Loan Officer that’s Available to You & Your Realtor on Weekends & Evenings?

Dear Friends,

Remember when you were a 1st time home buyer?  It was an exhilarating time, yet there were so many questions that needed to be asked.  Sometimes, you even needed to know what questions needed to be asked …

That’s where your Realtor came in.  They led you through the buying process, negotiated the best terms for you on your purchase, and looked out for you best interest throughout the transaction.  Your Realtor was there for you, every step of the way:  evenings and weekends, they were there for you.

Having had the pleasure to serve you with your financing needs, you know that we work like your Realtor does.  By referral, we remain committed to being available to you when you need us most – when you are looking for a home!  For many Buyers, that is after 5pm and/or on the weekends.  As your Loan Officer, you know that I was there for you at these crucial times to run payments, to calculate costs & down payments, to send pre-approval letters, and to answer questions.  This is not always the case with many lenders however.  Just as choosing your Realtor upon referral made sense, so does choosing your loan officer.  The right Loan Officer can be beneficial in assisting you and your Realtor in putting a sales transaction together, and many buyers may not realize this until they get to that point.

Additionally, you know that we are here for you long after you close as you have questions that pertain to your mortgage.  Whether that be a week after you close, a month, a year, or 10+ years after you close … we’re here for you.  Once a client, always a client, and we are forever grateful for that!