10 Point Pledge

A Loan Officer’s Pledge to You

If you are one of my current Clients, or a Client from years gone by, I pledge to continue to provide you with the best mortgage service by:

1. Paying attention to your important dates. We pay close attention to the end date in the purchase agreement and move fast to meet that date. In reality, all our files are processed to achieve our clear-to-close in the quickest possible time frames.  Our underwriting department consistently provides a 1-2 day turn around time, which is how our clients know we are fast!

2. Spending quality time with you prior to your home purchase.  By meeting in person, we are able to thoroughly review and discuss  program options, down payment requirements, monthly payments in various price ranges, how escrows work, and answering all of your questions on the financing of a new home.

3. Verifying and double checking on any unique scenarios.  Occasionally, there are unique scenarios for someone to qualify, or for a unique property type. When these situations develop, we check & double check with our underwriter’s, title companies, etc., ahead of time, so there are no unexpected surprises later.

4. Letting you know upfront what is to be expected.  When working with us, you’ll know what is needed for your loan application, what to expect during the process, and for your final approval & closing. 

5. Staying cost effective.  Most times, we will have much lower costs than our competitors.  Being efficient & offering great service does NOT have to come with an additional price tag.   We are happy when our future Clients compare our rates & costs with competitors, it often provides us with free advertising later by word-of-mouth.

6. Being responsive, accommodating, and providing financing examples for customers.  Because I am available evenings and weekends, you can count on me to always be there to answer your questions, prepare financing examples, and pre-approvals when you need them. I enjoy the relationship and communication with my clients which usually extends well after the loan closing. 

7. Issuing Pre-Approval Letters and closing loans quickly.  Let’s face it, in this strong seller’s market, if the right house comes up, a buyer needs to act quick!  Waiting from Saturday until Monday to receive a pre-approval from your lender can make a difference in whether your offer is accepted, or someone else’s is.  Your mortgage applications will be quick, processed and approved locally! 

8. Working with you to help finance the home you desire and can afford.  I am very respectful of my client’s desire to keep their monthly payments in a very manageable & affordable range.  Having said that, there are all different types of circumstances that could be discussed where a present day home buyer could very easily afford the payment they are seeking, but may have a difficult time qualifying or being approved for it.  I’ve been in Mortgage Banking for over 27 years (with over 10 years at Polaris Home Funding), working with most of the same underwriters during this time period. Let our experience work for you in crafting a loan application that will get you approved where others can’t. Maybe we can’t do that for you now, but maybe we can devise a plan to get you there in 3 months-6 months.

9. Being honest & completely transparent with you.  If we can’t do something, I tell you. No false promises to get a deal.  As many of my past and current clients know, if there’s a mortgage program that someone else can do better, faster, or more cost effective than us – I tell you.  Yes, it really is that simple!

10. Assisting with any questions long after you’ve closed on your loan.  As many of my past clients know, I am accessible for any questions or help that you may have even years down the road. I will continue to place importance on your needs and questions, as well as keep you updated on current mortgage news. Once a client, always a client.

For those I work with on a regular basis, you know how much I value your business, and promise to continue to serve you as I have in the past. I will continue to look for new ways that my service can be beneficial to you. I can’t thank you enough for your business and your referrals. To those of you who are not past or present clients, hopefully I can gain your business and pledge the same service to you.


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