Building Up Your Credit

Building Up Your Credit

Our FHA & RD Loan programs only require a middle credit score of 620, while our VA requirement is 640. If you feel that your middle credit score is 580 or higher, we might talk soon so that I can give you pointers on how to hopefully, improve your credit score in the shortest amount of time. Perhaps there is a quick fix, and we can do what is called a “Rapid Re-Score“. Feel free to call us at (616) 942-6244 and we can discuss detailed ways of improving your credit.

If your credit history and credit scores have a longer way to go, don’t be discouraged! More than likely, it will take longer for you to get things where they need to be, but the quicker you start a plan of action, the quicker you’ll get there! Still, feel free to call us, but we might not be able to help you in the near future. Below is a link that can assist you in building up your credit history and credit scores today:


This is a site that gives you some ideas of how your credit can be effected based on your use of credit. For instance, it might say that paying down a credit card by $1000 would get you 6 points. Another tab on the site allows you to adjust your lines of credit to see how it would affect your score. For example, you have an account that is past due, how would that affect your score if you brought that account current? IQualifier lets you be in control and see what different actions you can take and how each of those actions affects your credit.


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